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Pick & Place robot: Profipick

With the Pick & Place robot "Profipick" products are "picked up" by a conveyor belt and sorted and aligned. Product recognition is carried out by a camera system connected upstream, which transfers the exact position of the products to the Delta robot. The products can be deposited on conveyor belts or directly into outer packaging.

Profipick pick gripper for picking up and setting down products with a capacity of up to 5000 articles/h.

Chaotic incoming articles are aligned, placed on a conveyor belt and fed in packaging groups to the following packaging machine.

Robot cells

With our robot cells, we implement projects ranging from simple placement applications to complex palletizing tasks. Automatic layer image generation is also possible. An outstanding advantage is the small space requirement and the precise operation of our robot cell. Due to the low acquisition costs, you can count on increased productivity and cost savings even for small handling tasks.

Our robot cells are used in the following areas:

  • Palletizing
  • Depalletising
  • Picking
  • Casing or Uncasing
  • Group
  • Welding / riveting / gluing
  • Bending
  • Measuring / Checking
  • Loading of production machines
  • Casting


Gantry robot

We also offer portal solutions for special applications. Our portals are equipped with 2 to 4 axes.

Plant example repacking plant: In the unloading station pallets are destacked layer by layer with a portal, the bottles are unpacked in a second step and placed on a bottle table. The pallets with the empty stacks of crates are removed via the pallet conveyors. The bottles are fed to the wrap-around packer.

The repacked products are palletized with a portal. The portal is equipped with a shutter head. Pallet and layer pad handling is also carried out with the palletising portal. The loading station can be combined with all common grouping stations.


We adapt our grippers to the requirements of the respective product! Here you will find a selection of our gripper applications:

  • Linear clamping grippers
  • Hook gripper
  • Clamping gripper
  • Gallon bottle grab: The newly developed Gallon bottle gripper enables a form-fit gripping of bottles with additional support. The compact design, with integrated linear axis, even allows the picking up and placing of the gallons in the gallon box. The gripper can operate in all directions!



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