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In the last few years we have developed and set-up several custom-built solutions. A small variety is listed below:



sondermaschinen 01  

sondermaschinen 02


Box turner



Portal crane for unloading before repacking machine

sondermaschinen 03


sondermaschinen 04


Portal crane for unloading


  Pallet feeder

sondermaschinen 05


sondermaschinen 06


Separator after inspection. One feeding line is split into two product lines and a line for sorted out products



Machine for placing two EUR6-pallets onto one EUR-pallet

 sondermaschinen 07


Loading portal crane for repacking machine with pallet feeder



 sondermaschinen 08


Gripper head for PET-bundles



sondermaschinen 09


To reach a stable pallet top for later palleting, in this case chipboards are placed on the PET-bundles.




sondermaschinen 10


Before wrapping a pallet tray is put on the pallets and edge protectors are placed around the product to prevent damage in later production steps.


sondermaschinen 11


Palettenaushubstation Palettenheber

Paletting PET-packs in pallet trays in EUR6-format  

Pallet lift station in wrappers or preceding to bulk-glass sweep-off depalletizer.



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