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With our  palletizing robot Profirob A4 we set standards!

The Profirob A4 is equiped with 4 servo axes and a counterweight, which allows high loads of up to 800 kg. Advantages of the counterweight are also the high energy and cost saving way of working. The use of an industrial robot brings more flexibility and cost savings to our customers. All palletizing tasks and requirements can be done with full layers and in high performace.

Also regarding commissiong tasks and sorting tasks, the Profirob A4 offers a high level offlexibility. With our superordinated S7 robot-PLC we have invented a software, which is realizing palletizing from more positions in the most effective and easiest way.

Another great advantage is the little space requirement and the accurate way of working. The low prime costs bring more productivity and cost savings already for small handling tasks.



We are specialized in handling applications for the beverage-, food-, non-food industry, packer-, palletizer-, recall controlling, repacking and commission in a confined space.

We meet the highest requirements!





3D-System designing;

The 3D-design is loaded to the simulation programm of the robot, in this way we are able to simulate all movements of the robot in real time.
This  programm will also be used in the application. By the use of the presentation of the 3D-line overview, changings and special wishes of customers can be realized in a very simply way.

  roboterpalettierer 03







Our most space-saving robot-palletizer
The carton sheeds between the layers and the    palette, are handled by the robot.

   roboterpalettierer 02
 roboterpalettierer 05    roboterpalettierer 01

Palettizing of PET-bottles including layer cartons in one step. Also the paletts are handled by the robot. It is very easy to integrate this space-saving and low-cost solution in existing lines and it is applicable for the lower and medium output range.


handlingroboter_pfanner01   handlingroboter_stralsunder

A Robot with shutter head and gripper for layer cartons is palettizing, picking and packing on 3 lines.


Special solution:

A Palletizer for baskets with 6 bottles into plastic trays.

handlingroboter_leonhardsquelle    roboterpalettierer 04
The palletizer and de-palletizer with a clamp head and pallet gripper is (de-) palletizing crates from 2 Lines.   

PET-palletizer in Krones-line with a speed of 30 000 bundles /h.

The cartons between the layers are also gripped and  deposited, without loss of time, by the robot.

roboterpalettierer 07    roboterpalettierer 06

2 Robots are palletizing trays and wrapping around cartons from 4 filling-lines to 4 pallet spaces.

It is possible to mix the products on the pallets in a customized way.

Robot  palletizer with a grouping station accessible from above.

 PET Kommissionier Roboter    

The robot is sorting and grouping shrink packs and cases row by row.


Palettierung von zwei Sekt-Abfüllanlagen


PET-Palettierung, Mischpaletten-Palettierung und Displaypaletten-Palettierung

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