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With our robot cells we realized a lot of different projects, from simple assembly applications to complexe palletizing tasks. The option of a special software allows to generate layer formations automatically. An outstanding advantage is the small required space and the highly precise method of operation. Due to the little costs of acquisition you can count on more productivity and cost savings, already at small handling tasks. 

  Our robot cells can be used for following actions: 

  • palletizing
  • de-palletizing
  • comissioning
  • packing and unpacking
  • grouping

  • welding/ riveting/ bonding
  • bending
  • measuring/ controlling
  • assembly of production machines 
  • casting

roboterzelle 01


roboterzelle 03


3D-plant layout:

Boxes are palletized from two packing lines or trays are packed in displays. The handling of the one liners and the pallets is done by the robot as well.


3D-plant layout:

Cartons are palletized coming from three packing machines. The handling of the one liners and the pallets is also done by the robot.


 roboterzelle 02


roboterzelle 04

Layout planing:

Palletizing cell with a need of space of only 9 m².

The exact plant layout results from the actual local situation.


3D-plant layout:

Our 3D-plant layout is brought in the simulation-programme. All movements are simulated accurately and in real time. Finally, the programme of the simulation is used in the application.


roboterzelle 05


roboterzelle 06

example of use:

3D-robot cell for the simulation


example of use:

palletizing of wine cartons


roboterzelle 07


roboterzelle 08

example of use:

loading and unloading of reuseable-gallons-waterbottles


example of use:

palletizing of cartons


roboterzelle 11


roboterzelle 10

example of use:

palletizing of cartons from three packing lines


example of use:

palletizing from three packing lines

Müsli Palettierung von zwei Linien mit Palettenhandling   Profipack Eimerpalettierung mit Zwischenlagen

example of use:

Boxes are palletized coming from two packing machines or trays will be packed in displays. The handling of the one liners and the pallets is done by the robot as well 


example of use:

palletizing of buckets


The buckets become lined up, aligning all handles in the same direction.

Subsequently the robot is palletizing the buckets with layer pattern.

The one liners are also handled by the robot.












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